Hey there, I'm just learning to ride, unfortunatly I'm pretty low on cash due to going to england, getting eye surgery and everyone at work getting a pay cut (OUCH).

Needless to say I have some awesome airsoft equipment I'm selling or willing to trade for Motorcycle related items, including training! I want to ride for fun and be safe doing so!

For those not familar with airsoft, it is a game played much like paintball, except the guns are full size replicas of real guns, and are fully automatic and run off battery power. For more information go to http://www.bcairsoft.com/

To see my items up for grabs, see:

I have an MP5 and some pistols, paintball masks etc.

I am currently looking for any of the following items:
- Cash
- Full Face Helmet (Depending on the make, the size varies, I believe a Small Xspeed fits perfect... :-/)
- Pants (Size 32 - 36)
- Cash
- Safety and handling lessons
- Cash
- Jacket (Joe Rocket size small fits me best)
- Gloves (Extra small :-/ Damn genetics! at least I can fit into those tiny pockets on some of those jackets I've seen!)
- Boots Size 8 - 10 (Size 9 fits best)
- Motorcycle battery (Needs to fit my high end beast mobile, an 81 honda CM400T)
- Bike Labour
- More Cash
- Gold Coins, Gems and rare antiquities