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    ICBC Bike Recovery

    Got a Question about bikes that ICBC (aka gov't run scam) recovers from either write-offs or stolen recovery or whatever. What's the law for picking parts off em or putting em on the road? Can this be done? What does it mean when someone says "salvage" in a for sale ad?

    In theory, I'm thinking this would be a good cheap source of parts, but I also think it's highly unlikely that ICBC would allow us to scam em back for scamming us in the first place.

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    When you damage your bike and the bill in which it will cost exceeds 70% of the value, they write it off. When someone that has a permit to buy written-off bikes from ICBC buys a bike, it comes in one of two classifications:1-rebuild, 2-dismantle only. Theft recoveries are always dismantle only along with the bikes that are really fucked. Anything that is dismantle only can only be used for parts or a race bike if ICBC doesn't know about it. Anything with rebuild status can be put back on the road after being repaired and government inspected. The ones that are rebuilt and sold are the ones with salvage titles.

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    How do peope feel about bikes with a salvage title, ever buy one?

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    Bad karma.

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    depends who built it and if the price break is worth it LOTS of clean title bikes have been crashed. Use caution with any bike that isn't coming out of the showroom.

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    I've nothing against them, just get them very very carefully checked over by a qualified shop. You'll have a harder time selling it when you are done, but that should be reflected in the asking price.

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