I took my bike to Whislter last Sat. morning. Traffic and weather is not bad. We met tons of riders on the way to Whislter. Cursier, sport bike and dirty....... even tri-bike.
When I wake up about 9:00a Sunday morning, there's a lot riders were gathering at Main Street (Whislter Village) already. They're heading to Pemberton. I never been ride to Pemberton before, therefore I rode a little bit care (slow) in the beginning. Even though, there's only 30km from Whislter, but I'm really enjoy. I would HIGHLY recommend all the BCSC people try it. Great scene, great road condition, no matter what U ride. U must need to attent at least once. When I'm on my way home from Whislter Sunday evening, there's still a lot of riders on the road.
Have a nice evening all BCSC riders!
P.S. the only disappointing is I forget to bring my digicamera with me to took all great scenes to share with our members.