Lowering a ZZR250
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Thread: Lowering a ZZR250

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    Lowering a ZZR250

    What ways are there to lower a 250 other than shaving the seat, I need to lower the bike so my girlfriend can stand better.
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    Jackie just shave a few inches off the seat. It seems like there's some extra foam in the seat anyways. I believe you can get lowering links for certain bikes... Or maybe they're generic? Not sure. But lowering your bike this way is expensive and more of a hassle. You'll need to pay for the labor, make sure the front still matches up with the rear, shorten the kickstand etc. Not to mention that you'll compromise the ground clearance as well.

    Just go and shave the seat. Bring it to some upholstery place and they can probably do it for under $30.
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    Easiest lowering kit, is boots with heels in them - like Dayton's or Cowboy boots.

    You can change the dog-bones for the rear suspension, drop the front forks in the triple clamp and shorten the kick stand otherwise. Next you have to worry about touching down the center-stand when turning hard.

    Shaving the sides of the seat may also give some room for the thighs to help her touch down easier, but I recall from mine that there wasn't a whole lot of extra foam there.

    If she's really interested in learning to ride sport bikes, she should get used to touching down with one foot at a time, because the zzr-250 is the lowest of the low.

    Being a short-arse, this is a topic I understand well. Also, Honda's are the skinniest around the waist so touching down is easier, Kawi has the lower seat heights, Suzi's are too wide for me. Not much experience with Yams.

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