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    Cool Slow Down

    If your always in a hurry a motorcycle may not be for you...I saw another bike accident on kingsway on the weekend older RZ350 blue with red on it...(the red shouldn't have been there) If you can't slow down on your own trade your bike in on a slower, better sounding cooler one...

    Kirk @ SouthSide Harley-Davidson/Buell

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    because riding a motorcycle is all about going slow and making a lot of noise.

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    Better trade in the full face helmet for a skull cap too...
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    Cool it guys, the intention of his thread is correct. Don't flame him for not putting it in the right perspective for everyone to understand.

    Ride safe, have fun.

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    There are two types of "in a hurry".

    There is the "omigod I'm so late for work I'd better fly this morning" which will eventually get you killed if it happens enough and you can't exercise self-restraint. Worrying about being late robs you of too much concentration. Me, if I'm running late and I really have to be somewhere quick, I'll take the car. The consequences of screwing up are a lot less severe. In this instance, a slower bike won't help.

    Then there is the hurry many of us are in: we ride sportbikes and we like the rush of acceleration, the feeling of effortless velocity, and the tilted horizon at max lean. The trick is to always be aware of your environment and analyze when it is safe to go fast. That place is not Kingsway, in front of Willowbrook mall, or around blind corners. It is not in bad weather, a bad mood or when your late for your dental appointment. In this instance, a slower bike isn't the point.

    Ultimately you are on two wheels. Gravity wants to pick you up and rub your ass all over the asphalt whether you are on a 'busa or a Fat Ass (oops, I meant Boy). The most important piece of safety gear we own is our brain; it is up to us to use it.

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    Re: Slow Down

    Originally posted by Mushroom
    If your always in a hurry a motorcycle may not be for you...I saw another bike accident on kingsway on the weekend older RZ350 blue with red on it...(the red shouldn't have been there)....
    i was there right before the accident in traffic... and i saw the rider of the blue RZ350 along with his buddies (fully clad in t-shirt and helmets ) whiz by me and started lane splitting in the slow traffic.

    i admit i was hot in my leathers waiting for the slow moving cars... and the thought of going between stopped cars did partially crawl into my mind but then my common sense knocked me back to senses and told me it wasnt worth it... those senses were spot on and proved me right.

    not even 2 minutes went by after those riders passed me that i could see there was an accident farther ahead of me at the intersection. i knew it was a rider from that pack that went down when i saw a shiny helmet from the gap under the fire engine on the other side.

    as Mushroom quoted... the red shouldnt have been on the blue bike.
    the accident i presumed wasnt a high speed one.. but nonetheless was still one that could have been prevented.

    whoever you are rider, i pray that you are ok and that you can get well soon... but the most important thing is i hope you and your buddies learned an important lesson as well.
    i may have been hot and sweating in traffic for a short time, while you guys decided to bypass traffic and the heat... but i went home safely to my family that day.

    Godspeed your recovery.
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    The best rule to follow when riding a bike in traffic is to believe that every car around you has no idea you are there and they want to be in the same space you are. DO NOT take anything for granted!

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    Yeah I was there too... I was following my buddy mospeed21 behind in a car ... we were going to metro for a drink .. I happened to have the digi cam handy... I wish I had time to get video or even a pic of the accident ....

    when traffic finaly cleared up ... his shirt was alredy cutt off .. his helmet still on while they tried to get on the neck brace ... there was alot of plastic pices of on the ground .... but like said above I dont think it was a very highspeed accident .... cause traffic was heay that day and there wasnt much room to speed.

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