Question for the techies on here...switching email accounts.
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Thread: Question for the techies on here...switching email accounts.

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    Question for the techies on here...switching email accounts.

    So I'm ditching Shaw for another ISP which means I lose the email I've had for the last 12 years or so.

    I will get a new email with a web-based address like Gmail so I don't have to go through this again if I switch down the road.

    Any pointers on how to make this transition as painless as possible? To be honest I can't even begin to think how many online accounts etc I have associated with my email. I have been wanting to switch for a while but the colossal (perceived) headache of doing this has prevented me.

    Any pointers greatly appreciated.
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    Shaw doesn't advertise this as it's not in their interest but you can pay them to keep your email address active for up to 6months, used to charge $5/month. That will give you more then enough time to sort things out.
    What you do is set up your Shaw account to fwd all incoming mail to your new webmail service, you can even add a signature to everything it forwards reminding you to contact the sender to update their records to your new account.
    Even better is get a friend still with Shaw to add your email address to their account free of charge as you are allowed like 10 emails addresss per account.
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    Yeah, what office Buelly said. The "vacation setting" message is perhaps the most important and previously states, as it notifies the sender that you've moved accounts.

    Vacation settings auto forward and auto reply with a pre programmed message.

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