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Thread: Attitude

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    Accidents, Deaths & Funerals - Mourning, Tickets & Police, Painting yahama blue, honda red, and suzuki yellow over concrete = high insurance, theft , last bits

    I think that sums the highlights that i have picked up on in the last month since watching.

    but, my 2 cents on a few things:

    1. Accidents... it is just a matter of time, for all of us... some sooner and harder than others! ... I race pedal road bikes and mountain bikes ...and before mothers day , I could proudly say that I have never had a bike / car incident.. and I took chances more and more ....proud BUT stupid!!! ... well that day I was on my pedal bike splitting stopped trafic coming down a steep hill in white rock ... traffic heading down was at a stand still, and the right side was blocked.. so I went slow.. the stopped trafffic left a gap and a girl turned left in front of me well with about 4cm square of contact patch, brakes not an option... swerved.. but she t-boned me, hips hood, and shoulder windshield... bell rung as if a bat hit me... got up brushed it off, and finished my ride... well my shoulder got fu%ked.. and i havenot been able to downhill mountain bike, swim, and do any upper body in the gym... its is just now getting better... and i am dieing to take my toy out... I aint bitchin.. i deserved it.. and I will never do it again... but I was lucky, nothing broken ,and not a scratch to my race bike. if i was going maybe 10 kph slower... i could have stopped or better yet.. go another route!

    2. Deaths... First.. my condolances to the friends and families of anyone that has had a recent loss.

    I think DNA had a poll, right or wrong.. if I am correct...there has been a death once a week for the last 4 weeks? island, curve in tswassen, deer lake, and langley?

    Everyone... lets show a little respect to those mourning and keep the specific posts clean of... "questions of riding style, appropriate clothing", and let people grieve!

    I would put my pinkslip...hmm..well maybe a 5 spot, that NO ONE can admit to NOT doing something stupid at one point or another in their riding career, that could have either led to their death and or that have a bystander!

    I just find it scarey how we are so nice and friendly (usually) with the nods and shooting the shit while riding.... and then someone dies.. and some people jump on the person, whom cant even defend himself!

    Your parents shouldnot have the pain of witnessing your funeral... so.. as "cool as it is die doing what you love"...think of those that must mourn due to your absence!

    3. Police - OFFICERS (most) do not HATE motorcylces.. they HATE attitudes, and stupidness that can lead to them having to knock on your parents door at 4am and inform them that their son/daughter was in an accident!

    I was caught speeding (in my car going south on boundary)...with no seat belt on... officer did his stuff... took FOREVER to get I could be a DICK..and give him a hard time for taking so long... or 2 remain calm... and hear him out! well he gave me a ticket for the belt ... $76... NO POINTS though.. no prob... and a WARNING for the speeding and then asked if I still ride a motorcycle.. I said yup.. and chatted a bit...

    The more deaths that occur the HARDER they are going to crack down!

    4. Painting the curb.... Am i the only one that finds my $1600 a lot of money to insure my bike... if i didnot have my discount.. ICBC would be raping me for ~ 2300! and deductables... As i said first.. its going to happen to all of us.. but maybe tone it down 10%.. notice i didnot say slow!! just get back within the range that you are focused and in control!

    5. Theft.. bikes are a hot commodity, easy to turn over, and everyone wants one... DONT LEAVE it out of sight! 3 of my buddies had their bikes lifted! if you dont have the luxury of private garage.. alarm, chain, anthrax, pitbull...etc

    6. last bits... I have a buddy from Germany, where for $15 you can ride nurburgring... and he always says... dont push it in the spring or the autumn... b/c in the spring... you remember how good you were in theh past season (but not after winter rust), and in the autumn, you think you are better than you are! so guess when the most fatalities are!

    Ride within you means... and if you play hard, expect to pay, but lets just try not to do it with our lives! besides... I would rather ride 10% slower and ride tomorrow for that much needed adrenalin fix, then give it all she has and play with the envelope of the laws of numbers!

    Keep the rubber side down! Use as much of it was you are capable of.... and remember its easy to go fast.. but are you in control?? especially.. if a dog runs out, car swerves to avoid something in the road, looking where you are going...

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    Well said!!!!!
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    Pretty good for a first post. Got a flame suit?

    Shit happens. Ya gotta deal with it as best you can under your own terms.

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    Originally posted by BLUEBALLS
    Pretty good for a first post. Got a flame suit?

    i agree.

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    Yeah, why is insurance so high for bikes?

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    Welcome scuderia
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    Very well written post

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    To big and to fast for you

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    Well said


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    Got RICE???
    you can't put it better than that!!!

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    Preach it brotha!!!

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    tiz Red.

    Nice read..
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    good for you. youll fit in here just fine.

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    great read

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