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    Flat Tire Today

    So today on my way home the bike started acting kinda funny,then I remembered I was playing with the dappining adjustments on the way to work.But holy crap it feels wierd.I hate it .......but when I got home and put her in the garage the tire squeaked over my garage pavement you know squeak.the bad kind of noise,I looked down and sure enough the rear tire was going flat .........dam work driveway,has nails everywhere and I parked in a different spot today.....not to mention a few wheelies and a few quick throttles .im lucky.....and it only has 3000 klms.Now try to find a shop open near home on a monday.So what did i learn? if its feeling just a little wierd in the cornering,pull over and check it over..at least I dont have to worry about the chicken on the rear any more........

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    Now that's a post I like , no accidents , nobody hurt or killed.

    P.S. sorry about the tire
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    You know the board is going to shit when you're happy to read about people's tires going flat, instead of whiners and downers.

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    Good idea to get the chicken strips off your tires~~

    Let the air out... run it a bit and then pump'em back up... lol

    Too bad abt the tire... 3000 k's is too fast for it to be over~
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    i know exactly how it feels fetdex....
    but hey.... its the luck of the draw i guess.
    u win some... u lose some.

    my suggestion... if the tire is patchable... patch it up and use it as a spare or better yet.... as a burnout tire!
    (that is if it's the REAR tire that went flat)
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    Re: Flat Tire Today

    Hey Fetdex. Yup flats suck PM me if you still need your tire repaired. I got the kit that shoots a mushroom cap into the tire and repairs it from the inside. (try to avoid that rope and glue fix-it crap) If you're located not to far from me, be glad to help out.

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    I got a flat that day too. Never fails with a new tire

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