1993 zx6e problem
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    1993 zx6e problem

    Hello all,
    I have a 1993 Kawasaki ZX6E, I have a really strange mechanical issue with My bike. Everyone I talk to gives me a different answer as to what the cause may be. Before I put down my hard earned cash at the shop I thought I’d ask you guys.

    The bike runs excellent all the time, except in 2 gear.

    -If I slowly take it up to the redline in 2nd, it's fine.

    -If I give it about 1/4-1/2 throttle it misses (I don't know how else to describe it) or something 3 times through the power band, at 7.5, 9 and 10.5 rpms

    -If I open it right up, it's usually clean all the way through second ( sometimes it has a minor miss at 9.5)

    -If I downshift to second it's fine, If I decel in second, and then give her shit it's fine......... I have no Idea what's wrong with it.

    -Seems to be the worst from a stoplight.

    If it happened all the time, I would say it's a tranny problem, but it's intermittent. If it happened when I was really opening her up, I would say it was a clutch issue but it doesn't happen if I'm really on it. I just had the carbs sync'd and it didn't help.

    Any random suggestions would be great.
    (P.S. selling the Kawi for a <insert your other brand here> is not good suggestion)

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    Are you sure you're not feeling any signs of these hesitations in ANY other gears? No noises to go along with the hesitations?

    If there's no noises then I seriously doubt it's anything to do with the gearbox or engine. But it's so unusual to have any other problem that only shows up in one gear!!!

    What did the guys say after they synched the carbs? Any hints of upcoming troubles? And in fairness to the shop synching the carbs wouldn't have helped this sort of trouble. Synching only smooths the idle and very low throttle opening operation.
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    wasn't a shop, it was a friend (he's a mechanic for Jaguar, and rides a vfr). the carbs were synched for the reasons you outlined in your post. It's really smooth in every other gear (second is smooth if I'm really giving it, or if I'm shifting down into it, also it really seems to only do it on the initial acceleration, not so much if I'm cruising in second at the same rpms), regardless of how I ride it. It doesn't seem to be making any bad noises, the bike does have almost 50,000kms on it, but it runs really smooth. I'm going to try putting a new fuel filter and air filter on the bike. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet, what's BK's shop rate like? I guess it's an excuse to come over to van for the weekend

    This really has me stumped. SG power said (without looking at the bike) that it's probably a tranny issue, ie total rebuild 800-900 min. In all fairness they haven't looked at it, or taken the bike for a test ride. If it was a tranny issue, it would be all the time in second, not just in the middle power zone.

    Maybe the mixture is off on one of the carbs, the bike has full exhaust, so the jetting may be wrong, I don't know. Just making wild guesses now:P.
    Bed time
    Thank you for your replies in advance
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    if its just second gear i would say its probably on its way out,the cogs could be just starting to round off.see if it gets worse as time goes,it is wierd that if it was carburation it would only be in second gear.second gear is a bad one on many bikes and seams like the first gear to go! this is only my hunch though.

    good luck

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    Karl Hungus
    I don't know if this is what you want to hear but the boys at BK say the ZZ-6 has a well known 2nd gear problem.

    I asked them what to look for when buying my 90, D model and the first thing the said was check 2nd gear, by reving it hard and seeing if it would slip out of gear. They told be they have fixed tons of them over the years and they mark the gearbox to indicate if it has been fixed or not. Your problem may be different but the fact that it is 2nd gear makes me think it may be the same issue. At the very least the guys at BK will take care of you, they really helped me out a month ago and I was a first time customer.

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    I'd be willin to bet it's the first indications of the gear wearing like many of the others. quite strange that it doesn't mess you about when you're hard on it though.

    this is one of those issues where you've got to get an experienced biker friend to take your ride for a test rip.

    It's a real bugger when things are finicky and not definite.
    sometimes i find it's not always easy to fix a problem straight off the bat, so i just let it progress for a bit until i'm certain as to where the problem lies.
    with the way shop rates and bike parts are, a guy doesn't need to be parting cash due to unecessary tuneups in the wrong areas.

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    2nd gear is shot, and allso 6th ( the dogs for 2nd mesh in to 6th) your shifting fork is probably burnt too. My bike did the same thing when 2nd went. If that is the problem, I would coincider looking for a complete used motor, the cost for repair will be way to much.

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    Thank you for the info. I think I'll probably call bk and ask for a quote if I bring in the engine out of the frame. if it's too much money, I'll ride out the summer as is, and do it myself in the fall. Is it possible that the external shifter parts could be the problem? I mean the gear selector crap that is located behind the starter/generator panel?
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