Suspension Cause and effect?
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Thread: Suspension Cause and effect?

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    Suspension Cause and effect?

    Hi Guys

    Just trying to figure out the suspension thing. My bike is kinda loose in the rear in corners. I think the preload is to low.

    Coluld you guys list what rebound damp, compression damp and preload do. and what problems I could feel if they were set wrong. I haven't been able to make it to a suspension set up day so I am trying to learn the basics.


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    The rebound settings will adjust the speed in which the shock returns after it has been compressed. The Compression is the speed in which the shock compresses. The Preload is used to set you spring tension.

    To slow rebound will make the shock pack, this means if you have a section of road that is bumpy, and your rebound is to slow your shock never has a chance to fully stroke back to where it started.
    To hard compression is when you adjust your setting all the way in, doing this will make the bike feel very stiff. Preload is the seting to use to set the spring for your weight. This is done by getting a somthing to measure the hight of your bike, from the swing arm or axle to a marking on your tail section, with out you on the bike. Then you put all your gear on then bounce a few time up and down on the bike, and have someone measure the distance from the same markings as before. It should be around 25mm-30mm (street)

    This is just the basic idea of what is what, and what it does, you have to remember that all of these settings will affect the other settings when they are adjusted. Make small changes, and don't do to many at once, or it will be to hard to figure out what you have done wrong. This applies to the front too, and you may want to think about changing your fork oil.

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