magnetic tank bag & credit cards
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Thread: magnetic tank bag & credit cards

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    magnetic tank bag & credit cards

    I was talking to RMS Rob and he mentioned that on the better bags (like Marsee) there's no problem with the magnets and credit cards or digital cameras, unlike the cheaper bags i.e. Joe Rocket, cause the magnets are coated in plastic.

    I don't see how a thin coating of plastic would make a difference. I mean, the magnetic field is still there; otherwise how would the bag be fixed to the tank?

    The plastic coating isn't so thick that the card is physically prevented from coming close to the magnet. I mean, its a thin coating....

    Has anyone had any problems with their magnetic bags and their credit cards and/or digital cameras etc?

    Before someone says "Do a search" I know there's a thread on magnetic bags and credit cards, but it doesn't specifically address what Rob claimed.

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    They've got metal shields on the back, not plastic. I'm not sure how effective they are. You should be ok provided you don't put your credit cards right next to the magnets.

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    I ruined a couple of cassette tapes ( it was a long time ago ! ) once when I carried them in my tank bag.
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    I have a Marsee, one of my credit cards has a problem, and I’m sure what Rob has mentioned is a valid point and it helps in the protection but still can be a problem if not watched carefully.

    Just don't put a wallet with the cards in it, don't take the chance!

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    I've killed a few cards myself (Joe Rocket bag). I keep my personal stuff in a small bag and keep in the trunk. I only try to use a tankbag if I'm hauling stuff around. I won't keep anything sensitive to magnets in the tankbag because the last time I killed a card, I had to borrow money from a buddy to get home from Whistler.

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    Originally posted by atomlowe
    If you ride a R1/R6 or a 600RR....your pretty much screwed. Your lucky if you can even get your reggy in there.
    Not totally... If you look at the RR trunk, you'll see there are two tiny slots on the sides that slit down. One side has enough room for 2 packs of cigarettes!! wow... lol

    And the other side has enough for 1 pack. Also, where the reg papers are put, there is supposed to be a manual... if you take out the manual, you can probably put a slim wallet there.

    I usually have my bike lock on one side, and a pack of cigs and my wallet on the wallet is too fat to fit in the middle...
    and no... not coz I got lots of money... just lots of stubs and tickets... lol j/k

    As for the magnetic tank bag for the 600RR, ya... you're screwed... I had one for my F4i and now the RR comes with a plastic tank.... the magnets won't fully stick to the tank now... I'll have to use the clip-ons and clip it to the back seat~

    plastic tank.. wtf will they think of next?? hahahah
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