why is one of my carbs leaking???
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Thread: why is one of my carbs leaking???

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    why is one of my carbs leaking???

    i have a 1985 gsxr 750. and the carb on the far left of the bike leaks.. its the side where the kickstand is..

    now it leaks outa where you turn the bleeder screw to drain the carberatur. it only happens on the left side.. i got a rubber hose with a plug on the end and when the bike is left over night with the hose on, and in the morning when its removed it streams out gas for 5 seconds.

    now the bleeder screw is as tight as can be. what else could it be?

    when the bike is full upright it doesnt seem to leak.. but than again whenever the bike is running or cooling down from a run it doesnt leak... i was thinking maybe because the bike leans towards the left.. all the gas pools into that carb.. but still, it shouldnt be leaking out..

    even if i turn the gas to off it will leak, cause gas is already in the line..
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    The float could be set wrong.
    Basically they work the same way as a toilet. If it's out by a few mm's it can cause a flood and leak.

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    If you stored the bike with the crabs full of gas, the needle and seat are probably coated, and won't stop leaking untill they are disassembled and cleaned.
    The float setting takes a long time to go out, and usually effects the running of the bike, but rarely causes flooding.
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    My 78' CB400 did the same thing a couple of times, i looked in the manual and the float bowl overflow exits in the same place as the drain....so you either have a needle/seat that isn't sealing properly, or your float is way out of adjustment or theres a hole in the float(??)

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