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Thread: review your ride

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    must have more bacon Array gxr jo's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    sunny surrey
    a few pretties

    review your ride

    09 1198

    likes - rolling artwork
    - sound of open dry clutch & termi's is surreal , i will start it up in the garage just to hear the music
    - track performance is excellent

    dislikes - expensive to crash
    - forget long distance riding , went to princeton and back , never again
    - pain in the butt to work on , so many fasteners to remove , unless they fall off on their own accord
    - shop manual is on disk and a pain to use from the beginning
    listen to me or i will eat you're bacon

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    medicated 4 ur protection Array syncro's Avatar
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    white privelege
    RC51 & Blackbird


    *** every move should be calculated ***

    Quote Originally Posted by sAdam View Post
    Most everyone on here is worth a laugh or has a good insight at one time or another, even syncro.

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    Kits Beach
    2002 CBR1100XX
    CBR 1100XX. 10 of 10 once the suspension is dealt with and another few details. Even at 210,000 kms it rides like new but, much faster, more comfy with great suspension. I regret the day I will have to sell it. Fortunately to my closest friend. I wouldn`t post it on this site. I might send a few pm but not here.
    Full Yoshi SS, Galfer wave rotors, Goodridge steel lines, Hel oil lines, Corbin GFL, Penske rear, RaceTech front, Hids, Givi hard bags with full lighting kit, Dyna Coils, K&N, Samco rad hoses, 9500ix/iQ, Pazzo, some bling, some CF.

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    Registered User Array cvrle1's Avatar
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    04 SV650
    04 SV650

    Great 1st bike. Plenty of power, but will not get you into trouble as fast as SS bikes. Good luck outgrowing it.
    Good for long rides, but lots of fun in twisties
    V-Twin sound is just music to my ears
    Great for the track
    Really easy to work on and do regular maintenance

    Stock suspension is soft. Not bad, but soft and feels like pogo stick at times.

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    I like traffic cones :S Array made Man's Avatar
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    hard in the mac
    1992 gsxr 750

    Good: 10/10, would bang again.

    Bad: carbs.
    "Honda = Boring, Suzuki = Wannabes, Yamaha = Poser, Ducati = Overated, BMW = Compensating, Aprilia = Insecure, Buell = BCIT business... go faKOffee." - PUREVIL

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    Registered User Array Steve G.'s Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Down here
    '74 Honda CT70K4


    Antilock brakes
    Anti Speeding ticket
    Traction control
    Top speed stability is great
    Responds well to performance HRC cam [5 to 8.5 hp]
    Needs no maintenance, ever
    Cheap insurance
    Parts available, forever


    Poor fuel range [3/8gallon]
    Kids laugh at me
    Bottoms out on bumps at top speed

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    Happiness is the corner Array Land Roving's Avatar
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    Sea bee yar eff for eye.
    200X CBR600F4i


    Reasonably quick; somehow pulls on 600RR's that are ten years newer (cough*ArmchairGM*cough).
    Easy to work on, unless you're replacing a cam chain tensioner.
    Cheap to own and maintain.
    Probably the easiest/most forgiving power delivery of any 600.
    Parts are everywhere, which is only useful if you crash, because otherwise you probably won't need many parts.
    I've always liked the way they look.
    Fuel injected.
    Has a trunk.
    Pillion is comfortable for my girlfriend.
    Long service intervals (13,000 km oil change intervals, if you obey the manual).
    Does everything very well.
    Doesn't stick out in a crowd.


    Not a ton of character... I actually can't recall what year mine is, '03 or '04.
    Transmission, specifically the stock shifter, is decidedly not awesome.
    Stock brakes require judicious cleaning and maintenance to keep the seals free and clear otherwise the brakes kinda suck.
    Stock suspension is the standard Japanese-bike-of-the-era 120 lb-rider front spring rate, 200 lb-rider rear spring rate.
    Stock footpegs are too low.
    Cam chain tensioners are available in either manually adjusted, or disposable.
    Doesn't stick out in a crowd.
    Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

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    track hack Array Young Lion's Avatar
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    Monica Bellucci
    2005 Suzuki GSXR 1000 - race bike


    - paid for
    - looks great in the garage
    - 172rwhp


    - haven't ridden it yet

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    Registered User Array bacchus40's Avatar
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    two feet off the ground..
    MIAMI '09 & RAIDER S! '14
    awesome post young lion!!

    2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 road / tour bike


    -paid for
    -uber kool exhaust sound
    -beat to shit n' back again reliable, cant do a thing wrong its always something simple
    -worlds better on a diet
    -24/7 r1-forum technical support (pics and step by step how to!)

    -POS CCT!! replaced with Ape manual but it was just a bandaid (not happy), APE providing FREE of charge PRO CCT (not installed yet)
    -oem ecu programming sucked due to emmision/noise control
    -1st year of xplane engine (extra 9lbs very much front biased)
    -progressive everything suspension (responds very well to re-spring/valve upgrade)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Land Roving
    Life is too short to own ugly motorcycles.

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    100% Asshole Array SpookyjacK's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Vtwin, gear driven cams...built to beat Ducati at their own game and did. 'Nuff said.

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    must have more bacon Array gxr jo's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    sunny surrey
    a few pretties
    84 vf 750

    Full disclosure - this is my first streetbike and can't compare to any other bike

    Plus. - v4 sexy sound
    . - great for passengers
    . - chick magnet
    . - easy to work on
    . - plenty of hp/torque

    Minus - cams
    . - ride across wet painted lines at your own risk
    . - cams
    . - 3 speeding tickets in 2 days
    listen to me or i will eat you're bacon

    wmrc #9

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    Registered User Array MrDsylexia's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    89 GPZ1000 RX
    2006 GSX-R 750
    +Great power
    +Great sound with a taylormade exhaust

    - electrics on the 06 07
    - uncomfortable after 30 minutes

    2008 Vstrom 650
    + Phenomenal touring bike
    + Exceptional handling for what it is (ugly and overweight)
    + 300 km fuel range when caning it
    + Easy to work on

    - 650's seem to burn oil when 'pushed' as per many threads on the vstrom forums (though mine burned more than usual...)
    - Lacking on the top end for making those xray vision passes when already at high speed.
    - I need to buy another one

    2004 Yamaha R1
    + very 'tame' bottom end (for a 1000),
    + very usable in the city (50kmh at 2k rpm in 6th)
    + looks like sex
    + not an xplane ()

    - it's not spring/summer yet...
    Quote Originally Posted by bandito View Post
    If they were on 650 v-stroms we could all just conclude they were weetarded.

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    Registered User Array Squint's Avatar
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    East Van
    2015 Ninja 300 ABS
    93 VFR ~90,000km

    -looks great; people are shocked to hear it's more than 20 years old; kinda looks like a police bike to some
    -sounds great, tame and quiet but can really grown when prompted
    -V4 engine, nice grunt down low, I can be lazy with gear changes
    -enough poop to put a grin on my face
    -really... too many to list. Love this bike.

    -would be nice to be able to get replacement plastic
    -trying hard... can't think of anything else.

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    BCSB Public Relations Array kerunt's Avatar
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    Starbucks in turn 2.
    1990 Russian, brunette

    likes: fun, hot, well socialized and gets along with small children
    dislikes: batshit crazy, worse maintenance costs than a Ducati
    "Yamaha" - it's Japanese for "fuck your sports car."

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    Moderator Array CoolDaddyGroove's Avatar
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    New West
    2014 Kawasaki ZX14R
    2005 GSXR 1000 K5

    + Phenominal motor, big torque down low
    +Last good looking GSXR IMHO

    -motor overpowers the frame
    -dances as you enter corners when you are "on it"

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