July 18th - Portland
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Thread: July 18th - Portland

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    it's loud

    July 18th - Portland

    So who is coming down? I know a group of 6 of us are....

    And anyone else been there before? How was it?
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    well I am....

    ..I am currently in second place by two points in the 125 GP.

    It is nice for me to be back up in that class since my last year running in 1997.
    That year I won the OMRRA 125 GP championship.

    Have been on other adventures of tuning Honda's, Aprilia's and others.

    Last year half way through the race season I got a need for a race bike for me to run. I just could not get back up to the track with out me racing.......I ending the start up year fun and after all the fun there I took fifth place and felt comfortable after 4 years of no racing fun!!!

    now I am tuning my 125 and have got 5HP out...

    I know the feeling of what you like......I know what it is like to be racing....if you need some pre race tuning give me a buzz.....will work a deal out to use the Dyno that i operate......

    cant go wrong without the Dyno run with the air/fuel meter to set it all up with a baseline for exact weather conditions....

    oh right...that is the 19th and 20th.......


    Race pusher.......

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