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    Looking to ride

    Hey everyone I'm just finally going in to get my bike licence after years of putting it off, but I have one problem. I can't seem to find a bike that I can flat foot. Does anyone know of a bike that would be good for a newbie rider 250cc or 500cc that has a lower seat than most bikes. I am five feet tall and have not found anything yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can start riding.

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    I think the good 'ole Kawi Ninja 250 or the Honda F41/ Kawi Ninja zx6 (lowered) would be good for you. Stay away from the 2 stroke small Japanese "grey market" bike sunless you like tuning carbs once a week.

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    flying busa
    Hi Kim,
    My next door neighbor is selling a 250 ninja..great shape. I'll get more details for you and post it....congratulations..you're going to have so much fun.

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    scorpion - pm wildstar she just went through a search process for a bike suitable for height challenged people.

    oh and welcome <------ standard welcome
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    Thanks for your help, if you could get more details on your neighbors bike that would be great.

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    I had a 2000 250 Ninja to start out on. I had it for almost two seasons. I am 5'2" and I could almost flat foot it.

    From 2000 and up they had the new body style.
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    Scorpion, I had the same problem but it's really hard to find a bike that you can acutally flat foot on. I had a 95 250 ninja that was stock height and same with Amber I could almost flat foot. My sv now is lowered and the seat is shaved so now it's even lower than my 250. Shave the seat on the 250 and that'll give you and inch or two which should do the trick. You can either take it to a shop to do it or do it yourself, its very simple.

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    flying busa
    Hi Scorpion,
    I'm going to talk to my neighbor tomorrow. I'll let you know tomorrow..Saturday. I'll try and get a picture for you as well okay. Have fun at your course.

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    I have a Metallic/pearl Blue and Silver 2002 Ninja 250 with 2009 km's on it. It's never been dumped,always clean, always been under cover and under a bike cover,still has the manufacturers warranty on it,was professionally detailed and Diamond Coated so the paint is fully protected and will be for a long time.I broke it in BY THE BOOK and never once beat on it, (I don't believe in beating up your new toys, because then you gotts to fix em and who will want a beat on toy??) It's still a brand new bike and I started riding on it but moved up to my
    <---- GSXR750 so I want someone who will love it as much as I do to buy it, and take care of it. I have turned down a few people already because I knew they would trash it and I don't sell things to peoples that I know are going to hurt themselves or trash something out of stupidty. So I bought it for 7200.00 last August and I am asking 5600.00 OBO, I am not firm on the price and will be happy to let it go to a good home- to the right person for a fair price. I hate seeing it in the garage under cover when I go to get my GSXR out, I feel bad so ANYBODY if you know of someone send em my way. The pic and ad is on the VI trader@ www.vitrader.com I can't say enough about how great these little 250's are for learning on, and they look like a regular crotch rocket,light,easy to handle and have some giddy-up!

    PM me for any more info or else all the contact info is on the vi trader website.

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    hey scorpion,
    i'm a newbie too, just got my first bike last year....02ninja250 and it was great. i'm 5 feet even (5'1 if i stand really straight)...and it's a really comfortable bike with no adjusting. i figure i'll give myself a couple years before i upgrade...go with GSXR's ninja, it's a great price....and it's already broken in!!!! (it was a pain in the butt to break in by the book!!!)
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    try the sv650, like weeone said

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    Somebody is selling a 99' suzuki GS500 for only 3200$ neat little bike and i personally like them much better than kawi's EX series.
    or you can get a honda Rebel 250 or some small cruiser of that sort. SV650 is a cool bike but i dont see it as a good first bike for someone that short. Or maybe find a yamaha XT250 or XT225 dual sport on/off road bike. very very light easy to handle bikes with low seat height.

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    Originally posted by Greeneyes
    SV650 is a cool bike but i dont see it as a good first bike for someone that short.

    There's a lowering link made for the sv, that bike is made for little people. It's a lot lower than my 250 was. The power is good too, as long as you respect it, it won't bite you in the butt.

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    i've seen a shortie ride an R6.. just gota get it modified.. lowered and shaved..
    you don't have to settle for a 250
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    I'm 5'3 1/2 and I ride a Ninja 250 as well... it's a good bike to start with. You can try shaving the seat (which is cheap I heard) or else try the Honda Rebel 250 - it's pretty low, and it's really light. Good luck!

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