Detailing a forest green bike???
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Thread: Detailing a forest green bike???

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    Detailing a forest green bike???

    I want to add some vinyl graphics to a forest green TLS any ideas of what colours would work with that?

    The only thing I could come up with a was silver - but I think that might look chachy.

    Black or white I guess but I'm not feeling those too much.

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    yellow maybe (too flashy??). Red or blue. When in doubt,
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    I think silver would look sharp. How about gold?
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    Go with the silver or charcoal grey!!
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    You could get a really subtle effect with another shade of green a couple shades darker than the primary paint. Highlight those with silver or a pale gold for a more dynamic effect.

    Or screw the graphics and keep the bike clean!

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    i'd go with gold if i had a blank slate.

    my bike is dark green, with dark grey, black, and a little bit of red. the combo actually looks pretty good.

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    Gold, silver or white will gvie you good contrast and colours to work with.

    My personal choice would be gold... then magnesium matches...


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    Definately silver

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    Hey thanks guys. I especially like Stickman and Comet's suggestions. I really don't like the stock stickers. Do you think I'll lose resale value if I take them off???

    My friend has a limited edition 2002 Camero SS. It's silver... One day I noticed it had 2 racing striped down the hood in a darker silver. VERY subtle! I stood and looked for a few minutes because I couldn't remember if they were brand new of if they were always there and I never noticed them.

    Apparently they were new. Normarlly I hate racing stripes but these looked soooo sharp because they didn't jump out at you.

    Anybody know much about making fairings with fiberglass or plastic??? Or have any how-to links? I want to try my had at building a lower.

    Failing that I think Sharkskinz makes one - any other companies that do?

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    Whach u talkn bout Willis Array smokedvw's Avatar
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    Yerah getting a color which matches very well is cool, like a of green with your forest green.

    Grey or a charcole does look really nice with green. I had yellow with my car but that was under the hood, I had some grey/silver stickers and one green one which was just a little different than the car color and it looks really cool.

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