TLR's... what the alternate colors?
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Thread: TLR's... what the alternate colors?

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    TLR's... what the alternate colors?

    Being a US resident (seattle) we get the crappy Yellow/Black as an alternate... Canada usually has nicer alternates... so whats the other option than Blue & White on a tiller... any recent year, i guess 99 - 03. I was up in abbotsford this weekend but didnt get to the Zuk dealership

    And if anyones ever doing Chuckanut on a saturday morning, Im always down.

    Do they even sell TLR 1000's in Canada? i checked out and couldn't find one.
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    Yes they sold them until this year. 2002 was the last year.

    We got the same colours as you.

    Europe got a Black model and a Red model.


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    europe gets all the fancy colors.
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    Yeah in the UK they have an awsome black/silver/yellow I will do my best to attach a pic.

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    ya, the TLR only came in yellow and blue/white in North America.

    Suzuki Canada is no longer importing them this year, however they still have 2003's in the states, but rumor has it, this is the last year for the bike.

    Europe also had a black and a red model, i believe they never got a yellow over there. They also had a cooler headlight system, alot of american owners have been installing the euro headlight on there bikes, like these pics below.

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