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Thread: Buying a phone off CL

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    Buying a phone off CL

    Is there any way to determine if a phone is free and clear, i.e. does not have a remaining subsidy on it? An IMEI check today doesn't help much if someone skips town in a month.

    GF needs a new one but wants to keep her cheap plan + bring your own device discount. With the premium plans now needed for subsidized phones the plan upgrade would substantially exceed the CL price for an S5.

    Seems like the only way is to conduct the sale in a [Telus] store after you get the seller to check contract status while standing in front of you.

    I'm turning to BCSB to see how the experts do it.

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    Walk in to Staples. Pick up a brand new, unlocked Moto X or Moto G for ~$200. Better than wasting time with flakes on CL.
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    do they have the original bill of sale with the full price shown as paid?
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    A friend got bear sprayed last week when he was selling a phone on CL.

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    Another problem is the major phone providers participate in a blacklist service to help curb the resale of stolen phones.

    I would highly recommend meeting the buyer at Rogers/Virgin/Telus etc. location so you can verify on the spot that the phone isn't already declared stolen/is still subsidized. If the seller doesn't want to do that, big red flags.

    There is also no guarantee that the seller won't take your cash, blacklist the phone, and claim an insurance loss from it being lost/stolen. Take a picture of their ID........

    Best deal going last year was a prepaid Virgin Moto G from Costco, $150 payout on the phone, get $100 back instantly in GC's, and then cancel the plan the next day. Net cost $50 + $3 in account charges + $15 unlock fee.

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