Yep, it's time to admit that I'm probably not going to buy another roll of film.

Nikon 601 body- $300
Nikon 28-85 AF lens- $300
Nikon 75-300AF lens-$600
Vivitar 17-28 MF lens- $100
Nikon 85 mm close up filter lens- $80
Vivitar dedicated full function flash- $50
Nice hip type Lowepro bag for this stuff-$30
Heavy duty Manfrotto 055 tripod with heavy duty ball head- $100
Expidition Lowepro back pack with LOTS of camera storage and compartments for longer hikes- $70

All equipment is like new. It was all bought new by me other than the 75-300 which I got used. These prices are slightly lower than what I saw in the buy and sell so please consider them as firm unless you buy more than two items at one time. The body and 28-85 lens comes with the original manuals and box/packing.

The Vivitar lens was tested by me prior to purchase and I was amazed that it performs so well. Fully open it's little better than a cheap magnifying glass but stopped down two fstops it's literally as sharp as the Nikon lenses. I can show you slides to prove this. Testing was done using a set of lenses that basically mimiced a microscope to allow viewing down to the film grain level. It's also probably the most fun you can have with photography if you've never played with an ultrawide lens.

The close up adapter is the two element Nikkor model. It's an 85 mm size that fits both the 28-85 and the 75-300.