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    Trip advice ...

    My friend and I are planning on doing a one to two week trip in early August, either through the Interior of BC and up north somewhere, or down through the north western US states. Now we could do a little bit of both but that might be a bit too rushed so we were wondering which choice would be better for riding and sights? Are there any particularly 'must-see' and 'must-ride' places anyone would recommend?

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    if you got that much time, my suggestions are:

    North Cascades east bound to eastern Washington. then go south and track back towards Mt. Rainier then further south to Mt St. Helens. You gotta do Mt St Helens.

    After that is either the Oregon coast or head back east to Montana to Glacier National Park. Highway to the Sun Road
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    Go south! You'll be blown away at how much better the roads get in that direction. Especially if you go into California, with their huge tax base they're able to actually MAINTAIN the nice, twisty, less travelled roads in the state. Here (in BC) there are some great twisty/scenic roads, but for the most part the road surface is shite. Go south, you won't regret it. Plus, with the weak USD it's as good a time as any. Only thing you may be concerned about (in early August) are the temperatures in southern Cali, if you choose to go that far.

    We went at the end of April for 12-13 days...down the coast to LA, then inland to Vegas. It was a great trip! But riding through the Mojave at that time of year (August) would probably be unbearable.

    If you have any questions or anything, feel free to PM me, or post up.
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