foglights... opinions please, and anyone tried em?
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Thread: foglights... opinions please, and anyone tried em?

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    foglights... opinions please, and anyone tried em?

    i am thinking about getting some fog lights for teh bike, i thought that they would look cool, and i have heard from one of my friends that they work really good. i was looking at getting the 55w 12v halogen ones, prolly a pair off ebay or at princess auto for about $30, anyone done this? and how does it work? i will be getting night riding privileges, andi havent done much night riding,.. so i wanna see everything

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    I put a set on my old ST1100....paid like $30 from walmart and threw a set of 100 watt bulbs in em.....friggin awsome ...they cast a very broad beam of light so I could see the ditches at night and realy helped in the cornering dept
    cheap fog lights
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    Your old GSXR doesn't have the electrical headroom for a pair of foglights. A good plan would be to relay and rewire the existing headlight, and throw a 55/100 watt low/high in there. The alternator is just too small in output to run the hl and two fog lights, as well as charge the battery. You'd likely be in discharge most of the time.


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    I bought a set of the cheep Piaa's from Princess Auto and I was kinda disapointed untill one of the bulbs burned out. They only put 35W bulbs in them. I put in a 55W (just in case it melted into a pile of goo) but you could put in a 100W H3 too. That perks them up a whole lot.
    The Piaa was a very nice kit because it comes with it's own wiring harness, relay and waterproof switch. It's a breeze to hook up but you might want to trim the length of the wires unless you have a really large crusier. I paid $100 so I'm already pissed off. but I'd give them a 8/10 for value and a incomplete for effective.

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