Need Help with Picking Out a Photo

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  • A) Flare by the stairs

    23 24.47%
  • B) Mirror Reflection side

    21 22.34%
  • C) Mirror Reflection front

    46 48.94%
  • D) another one you see from my gallery

    4 4.26%
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Thread: Need Help with Picking Out a Photo

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    Need Help with Picking Out a Photo

    I'm going to be submitting a picture in for something...
    and I'm choosing between 3 pictures.
    Please be honest to which one might be the best overall looking picture.
    Thanks for your help!

    A) Flare by the stairs

    B) Mirror Reflection side

    C) Mirror Reflection front

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    I think you look great in all of the photos, so I'm not voting...
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    Geezuss, Elaine!!! wowsers

    I really like the "flare by the stairs" says all the right things at the right time. to me you give off a "yes, i'm dangerous", whilst still hinting "i'm elegant too".
    I love how you have a strong stare to the boasts much confidence and i think that's what enables you to own that picture.
    nice work! i'm goin to have to talk to my people...they'll talk to your know the score.

    second runner up's got to be the "reflection".... a very good pic indeed. But it is just what you titled it. "a reflection"..only of yourself, and whilst ever so beautiful in every aspect, it doesn't give to me the "i'm my own woman, YOU want ME" expression that is so popular amongst capturing fashion mags.
    the crossed legs, and the raised eyebrows accompanied by the soft smile give off the impression that you're having an introverted moment...perhaps one of "is this dress me?"
    perhaps that vibe will work for what you're entering your work didn't say.

    ....and i'm spent

    i hope that was somewhat of a help...i tried.

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    Originally posted by rearwheelrider
    ....and i'm spent

    Elaine as usual you look fab. I voted #3. It was seeing the BOOTS.

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    you're a beautifull girl, so pretty much any pic is gonna be good. But of the three, the stairs one takes it.
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    I seem to be bucking the trend, I prefer the third one............better face shot.

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    I like the mirror from the front. It says "I'm not scared to make a statement" but you look shy and innocent as well. Very chic.
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    I wish.
    Originally posted by CDG
    I seem to be bucking the trend, I prefer the third one............better face shot.
    Why do you still get up early when you don't do anything? I'd be sleeping till at least 9-10.
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    i dunno, tuff choice w/o knowing the context of submission.

    i like mirror front out of those three choices but niether of them are good enuff for my photographic standard. (not the subject, you, just the photography). photography is a hobbie of mine so i am very picky. out of a roll that i shoot my self i will only like about 1 or 2.

    leather sitting is very nice too.
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    Originally posted by adamantium
    Why do you still get up early when you don't do anything? I'd be sleeping till at least 9-10.
    Very observant Adam!
    <------- Once again please refer to my Avatar heading...

    Elaine, I like #2 because is is more creative, but #3 shows "you" off more...
    ...I guess it depends on what it will be used for.
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    I vote # 3 - Beautiful !

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    keepin' it steel Array GuySmiley's Avatar
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    Elaine, your pictures are like Wo!

    Hmmm, tough decision...I think they are all very good...don't make me choose....

    Ok, after much thought...I still can't decide...but my eyes gravitate towards #1 and #3 more than #2...

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    or in french,le steekmon! Array stickman's Avatar
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    All 3 are really good but ,the third on e wins the prize!!
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    I secretly voted....
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    Hmm....all very nice but pic 3 does it.It shows all of you

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