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    So its statistically safer to ride my bike everywhere then to for me!

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    I like how it's always the car's fault when a pedestrian is hit, while the reality is that most pedestrians do nothing to ensure their own safety. Step off curbs without looking, assume the painted lines on the road guarantee their safety.

    Maybe it's because motorcycle training taught me to watch my own ass, but it always seems to me that peds don't realize they're the soft and squishy one in the equation so perhaps they should stop trusting other road users so much.

    Put this way: drivers, riders and cyclists prevent accidents all the time; pedestrians rarely prevent accidents.

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    No its not safer to ride a motorcycle than be a pedestrian. That statistic does not break it up into trips. ie. there may have been 2300 pedestrian collisions from 5 million trips versus 2200 motorcycle collisions from 3 million trips. We are a far smaller user group than pedestrians.

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    But it is safer to be on a motorcycle in an accident than being a pedestrian in an accident statistically
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