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    Not too late to post

    I had an awesome 5 day weekend on the 'rock'. Cheers to Len for the party. Thanks to Dairy Queen for putting up with us on monday night. Awesome ride (for those who stuck with us keeners). Next time we are going to actually go north, none of this port alberni shit.

    My bike rolled over 50,000 km's on our way through cameron lake. When we stopped at the beach to let traffic by I got a pic of the odometer. I willpost it as soon as I get home and get my pic developed and scanned.

    Wildstar and I discovered that 2 up wheelies are fun especially when they are done while going really fast. (winkwink).

    I'll be back soon for more rides and DQ stops. I figured we could get ahold of VIland news to get our take off videotaped and put on the news. They have a "tell us about your event" deal so I thought our monday night ride is a big event.
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    I ride because I love freedom, independence, and the movement of the ground beneath me.

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    Of course they are fun while going fast Can't wait to do some more.
    As for the new I think that would be an awesome idea that way my parentals can really be scared

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