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    Victoria Ride??

    hey julia,
    It was nice to see you over here, to bad I didn't catch you guys before you went out on the ride. I am glad that we got to meet and talk, you poor gilr you were sooo tired.
    Well I am hoping that you will be able to get some more girlies together to come over for a nice ride and some fun.We got lots of different roads to ride on and lots of places to stop and have a bite to eat or get a drink or whatever. So anyways julia, call me next time your coming over and I will come and meet you and ride with you. 382-5055
    Hope your doing great and had a better ferry ride back over. Take care and be safe girl!

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    flying busa
    Hi Keli,
    It was so great meeting you. You are truly a breath of fresh air. I loved you openness. Anyways, I was totally tired from all those twisties. I have to say girls Victoria has the most incredible twisties I have ever been on. I had to take the F4i because Bog said if I took the Busa ..I'd for sure have an accident. He was ride. I'll try to organize a ride after my Laguna trip with the girls because all my weekends are booked up. I'm coming over to Victoria for 4 or 5 days next weekend. I'm hopping the ferry Friday after noon..June 27 and come back July 1. I'll call you and let you know I'm in town. We'll be riding and maybe you'd want to come along. Have fun Keli.

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    That's great that you are going to be coming over here next weekend, and for sure I will come out for a ride or a few. Are you coming over again to visit with Bog?Is that his real name? I saw him while I was at school last week, I sit out side and do my studying if it's nice out.And I was outside when he walked by and said hi to me, I felt bad that I didn't know his name to say hi (his name) so of course I said hi but it would have been nice to know his name to be a bit more personable. So anyways that's cool you'll be over and I will be waiting for your call.Talk to you soon and see yah soon.
    Take care and be safe!!

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