Is a power commander worth it?
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Thread: Is a power commander worth it?

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    Is a power commander worth it?

    Hi, I am trying to see if what the pros and cons (besides cost) of a power commander is. For all you with one please speak up, I want to know if it is worth it. I have a Jardine RT-One slip on and a K&N filter (not yet installed) I think this means if I add the filter I am pretty much forced to get one. What do you think?

    Thanks for your help

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    For you and your 929? You betchya.
    Shoudl smooth out your throttle quite a but with the pipe and filter you got.

    less snatchy

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    As far as I know once you do the setup and download the settings you don't need the PC any more. And since you really want to do this in conjuction with a proper dyno setup with the exhaust sniffer and all it just seems like it's easier to have the shop with the dyno do it.

    But then I'm an injection virgin so I may be missing something here.
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    When I had mine dynoed and a sniffer was used and a little tweekink of the computer chip, my bike runs just as smooth and responsive as a bike with a PC. That was coming from RMS and Future Cycle.

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