GSXR tip over switch warning
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Thread: GSXR tip over switch warning

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    I wonder if that applies to the carborated models cause I've had mine for about 5 years now and been through all kinds of riding conditions but never had that kinda problem. Well the bike does have some problems running through small streams and rivers.
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    Hmm i dont think ill be pushing my bike hard enough to slide the rear out and go into a "headshake". Id prolly leave the switch so it can do wat its made for if i do crash.
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    I think it does apply to carb'd models, as I've had my bike die on me mid corner. Tight uphill right, peg on the ground and the tire slid out a bit and it died. Dunno if maybe the angle was too wack and the carbs couldn't take it or if there's taht switch. Didn't get a head shake but my rear end got some solid jolts as the tire was all over the shop.

    It scared the piss outta me, and I'll never take that corner that fast again! And I almost crashed cause my bike was dead for a long uphill pull and I couldn't finish the turn properly with no power.....

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    Jason R
    I have had it happen right after a blind corner took a lil while to get the bike started.

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