Guy Martin Builds a Spitfire
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Thread: Guy Martin Builds a Spitfire

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    Guy Martin Builds a Spitfire

    If you have English family bloodline, as I do, you may find this emotional. If not, you will still find it amazing:

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    Great find. Thanks for the heads up. Love WW2 warbirds.
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    saw this a coupla months ago, great little film.
    Guy Martin fans may also enjoy "The Boat that Guy Built"

    episode 1 linked here......
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    Loved this show. I got a copy from "a guy" some time ago. The whole family just loves Guy.

    Also check out his two series called Speed with Guy Martin. 4 episodes per season for a total of 8. He actually sets some strange records.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KatRider View Post
    Great find. Thanks for the heads up. Love WW2 warbirds.
    agreed!! awesome find OP!! i'm a fan of old school aircraft, in another life i would have been a pilot...

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