Backyard Barbeque at the Swan, Saturday, July 5
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Thread: Backyard Barbeque at the Swan, Saturday, July 5

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    flying busa

    Thumbs up Backyard Barbeque at the Swan, Saturday, July 5

    Hi Gang,
    Drop by the Swan Saturday, July 5.
    They be music spinning by DJ PAUL AND DJ CHINA WHITE.
    Girls will be cooking up a storm for all of you. So after your long ride Saturday ...swing by the
    Swan and spend an evening chilling with us.
    Start time 7:00pm
    Place: The Flying Swan Coffeehouse
    go around the back alley
    Address: 1724 W.4th Ave
    on fourth between burrard and pine.
    ps. Working on a Dyno Day that evening.
    Drop by..all are welcome.

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    sumfing nekkid
    Hey Julia, is this still a go? I've got a b-day thing to go to the same evening but may still make it out.
    Ride in peace my friends...

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    Funny that you should mention BDAY party....

    Since Peggy doesn't read over my shoulder anymore it's safe to say that it's her bday on sat and I bought a cake for her to share at the bbq. It's kind of a surprise waiting for her over at Julia's, So this sat there will be bday CAKE as well.

    Ps. Not to be persumptious but wish Peggy well and don't worry about cards/presents ect. she gets enough loving from me.
    When speeding run from the cops, it's a lesser infraction.

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    Sounds awesome Julia! I should be there (later part of the evening)

    Ps. Not to be persumptious but wish Peggy well and don't worry about cards/presents ect. she gets enough loving from me.
    That's not what she tells us.
    Back on the saddle.

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    flying busa
    Hello Everyone,
    The BQ is definitely %100 on. I have to support my favorite female racer...notice I said female..I have way to many favorite males to name anyone..
    Come out everyone even for an hour..we would totally appreciate it. Atomlowe come please..I need to give you a cheque you website. to see you and Janny.'ll be fun...might have some footage for everyone to look at depending on Neil. See all of you soon.

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    I'll be there too.
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    flying busa
    Hey J
    Hope to see you tomorrow.

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    all of us going up too lillooet sat morn will come after our long ride we will be hungryyyyyyyyy grrrrrrrrrrr

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    I'm there..... Let me know if you need help...
    Be Happy for this moment.... This moment is your life.

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    flying busa
    Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting Misti. It was incredible. Thanks all of was wonderful meeting all those new faces. Thanks Jason..cosworth for coming out..that was special. Thanks all BCSB for coming out there were so many I can't possibly name them all. Thanks vrom for helping and supporting us and thanks all those people that came that didn't have a bike..thanks a million again. Thanks Steve Dick for coming out and being part of the gang.that was totally special for you to come out. What a great gang..keep an eye for our big bash August.

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    Hey Gang,
    Thanks to everyone who showed up Sat evening, I appreciate the support more than you all can know! I had a blast and hope you all did as well. I think Julia deserves a big thank you as well for organizing it all. Way to go Julia and thank you so much!
    Misti Hurst
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    Phoenix Sportbike Magazine Columnist

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