How long until Skynet becomes self aware?
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Thread: How long until Skynet becomes self aware?

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    How long until Skynet becomes self aware?

    Do we have to tip them?

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    one of the only restaurants you wont get weird looks for yelling at people at your table.

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    ...(baby steps first)
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    This drone waiter idea is a total fail. Wait until someone gets their hair caught in one, or some kids chucks a towel, or it just has a motor fail and dump a liter of sangria on some big exec and the whole idea gets turfed. Getting staff to wash their hands after using the toilet is hard enough, who is going to keep these drones clean?

    When it gets to your table does everyone stand up and start unloading their own food? Clean up their own table after too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gxr jo View Post
    prolly well before you do........bazingah

    i think this whole idea is full of FAIL... current waiters can barely get your order right, never mind an extra 3 drones flying around the room n' nobody wants the damn plate

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    haha what a completely impractical application for drones. The size of drone required to deliver a plate of food would be laughable. Prop wash with your meal anyone?

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