a place to stay in NYC?
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Thread: a place to stay in NYC?

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    a place to stay in NYC?

    my girlfriend and i are going to the big apple this wknd...and we were originally staying with my soon-to-be-newlywed friends. unfortunately, things happened and we felt that it is no longer appropriate for us to stay at his place for the time being. but since there is only one week left, we are very very short on time to find a decent hotel with LOW rate...

    anyone's got any suggestion as to where we could stay or if you have a friend who would let us stay there from June 30 to July 6 (we promise to treat him/her to a 5 star dinner ) please lemme know!!!

    ali..hopefully not homeless in nyc!!!

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    Stay at the Habitat hotel. My girlfreind and i stayed for 4 days last year. Basic but nice and probably the cheapest thing you'll find in manhatten. I think it was like 100 american a night for a double.....i know that sounds expensive but when you start looking you will see it is reasonable for manhatten. They have their own website..checkit out. have fun!

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