kids are so cute
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    kids are so cute

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    love those.

    Look up the round house kick one for a laff.
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    its fast....
    There is a lot of comments saying the bullied kid is on the worng. Saying that violence is much worse than just talk.
    In my opinion, It was justified. If a bully is going to talk shit, You have to be prepared and accepting of the consequences.
    Talk can have a long lasting or even permanent effect on some people. So i think that kid may have actually changed the bullies views and ways with bullying.

    And that take down was absolutely perfect.

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    i saw that as well, lets be realistic here, people posting comments are sitting at home with a beer on one hand and mouse on the other...

    i think its absolutely great that after he had clearly beaten the bigger dude, he stopped short of a 2nd punch... that shows humility! and self control

    i guarantee you he gained a few friends that day and most everybody else will think twice about messing with him... its hilarious how he calmly takes everything out of his pockets and gets rid of the baggy shorts before he got to work
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