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    career advice

    need some advice. ill try to keep it general and brief.

    lets say you have an opportunity to make 30-40% more than you do now. the only catch is that you have to move away. its probably only for a couple years, but you know only a couple people where youre going, and your family and close friends are still here. the possible new job, you would have to work a lot more hours, but it would look great on the resume.

    so what would you do and why?

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    well, for me it would all depend on what the job is, and where you're moving. if the new job is in Iraq or something, i'd pass it up. and if the work is something like "elephant testicle handler" at a zoo, that might also be a bad idea. but, say you're moving to a place like calgary or something, where the price of living is fairly low and doing similar work to what you are doing now, then it might be a great opportunity.

    just my

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    I would go. You only live once, and I have learned in my life that many opportunities present themselves only once in a lifetime. Emotionally, you should look to yourself. Are you the kind of person who prefers safety and security over the dangerous and unknown?

    Write down a list of pros and cons. Try to group them objectively, ie.: Financial, Social, Personal (Development, growth), Other (Quality of life, girlfriend, etc.) and compare it to what you have now. This may be the best measure if you like to look at things from a practical point of view.

    This post is simply the opinion of the poster and is not to be construed as instructions or advice. Your mileage may vary.
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    Yeah right!
    what stage of life are you in? are you just starting off and you see this as an opportunity to further your career? You can make new friends. You can come back to visit. If ther eis no danger to your personal health or living, then you should go.

    on the other hand if you are settled and have a family, what's the point. i remember my mom once being offered a head nursing job at the bc cancer agency for A LOT more $$ but she turned it down because of the committment and time involved. she wanted more time to spend at home with the family etc...

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    If you don't have a wife and kids now, I would say go for it. My employer keeps trying to talk me into doing a couple years in New York and I would love to but it is really hard to do with a family.

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    Safety or Challenge?

    Think positive. Any choice you make is the right one for you at the time you make it. Money and insecurity or status quo and security? The real question is, what are you afraid of? When you reach the point that you don't care, the decision is done.

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    It all depends on if you see it as a cup that's half full or half empty. If it helps think of all the new friends you'll make to add to your list of the old ones that are still here. I moved back east for almost 8 years and had a great time. And if it's a lower priced housing market you can save a lot more of your money for when you come back here. Or you can buy a house and build up equity in it very quickly if it's a lower priced market. If it's really isolated stick with renting as the very small isolated spots can take forever to sell a house.

    Hey, if nothing else at least you can get to ride some new roads....
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    What Z-Rex said.
    I've moved for a new job, and had numeroud opportunities to live in the US, Australia, and Europe over the past 10 years. If I was in my 20's and single I'd take that job you were offered in a heart beat. Your friends and family will still be here in a year or two, The time will go quickly and you'll gain valuable experience. Future emplyers like the idea that you are "flexible"

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