Watch out in CA, a new threat
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Thread: Watch out in CA, a new threat

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    Watch out in CA, a new threat

    Someone is deliberately dumping oil on twisty roads causing accidents.

    I hope this idea doesn't spread.

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    Not too different from residents of Sylvester Rd in Mission intentionally spreading gravel in corners some years back.

    Then there was the pitchfork incident.

    And how about the people stringing ropes between trees (at neck-level) on multi-use trails to target mountain bikes?

    And the people hiding huge barbed hooks with pieces of meat on them just off hiking trails to "get" people's dogs?

    There are plenty of candidates for castration around our own backyard.
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    Had a bucket of apples tossed under my wheels by some cunt.

    Make sure i drop down to first every time i ride by there now.
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