ATTN WMRC RACERS: I'm calling you out!!

I'm not even going to say please...
Take a few minutes and log on to your TrackIntel account and fill in your profile pages!!! (Bio, Sponsors, Personal Info, Medical Info, etc)

Do it soon or else you'll make me won't like me when I'm angry.... quick, someone find me some green paint.

Seriously though, it only takes a few minutes and the WMRC really needs Bios done for announcing and promotional materials.
Don't be like Casey Stoner (never wanting to do PR stuff). We have to always be thinking about promoting the club and making the "show" the best that it can be.

Also, we should all have WMRC cards with us at all times to hand out to riders that we come across. There are countless riders who are not on any motorcycle forums that don't even know that there's such things as trackdays, track riding schools and racing. It's all about ABP!!! (Always Be Promoting)

Seeing so many motorcycle shop close in the past few years is sad and scary. It's up to all of us riders to help grow our sport here in BC.

See you all at the Motogp party!