First Annual Vancouver & Whistler Fire Fighters' Bikers for Burns Whistler Run
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Thread: First Annual Vancouver & Whistler Fire Fighters' Bikers for Burns Whistler Run

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    flying busa

    Thumbs up First Annual Vancouver & Whistler Fire Fighters' Bikers for Burns Whistler Run

    Hi Girls,
    Just wanted to let all of you know that there'll be a huge event happening this Summer and I want all the girls on this board to show up with their bikes.
    The Fire Fighters of Vancouver and Whistler have a fund raiser every year for their Children's Burn Fund. This year and the first time for them, they want to have a motorcycle ride to Whistler..have a welcoming ceremony at the firehall in Whistler, break for lunch, head back to Vancouver, and finish it with prizes and closing ceremony. This event will start and end at the Swan.. and I am the lucky dog to organize the whole event. After discussing the ride with the Director we've come to the conclusion that the girls will lead the ride to Whistler. So're all invited to the first sportsbike oriented fundraiser for such a important cause. Please come out and help support this event. We can show the city how concerned cizitens we are. The event will cost $35.00..this includes a firefighters t-shirt, decal, refreshments, and munchies. This is all to a good cause..the Children Burn Fund..which goes towards their Burn Camp. If this event is successful ..this will be the first motorcycle ride without any accident. Let's make it happen girls. I will have registrations happening by next week. Please come. There will be tons of door prizes...some of our sponsors will included Westcoast Superbike School, Westbeach...and more. I will have registrations at the Swan. Please come by asap so that the firefighters can planned for the numbers attending. Thanks gang.

    Here are the details:
    First Annual Vancovuer & Whistler Fire Fighters' Bikers for Burns Whistler Run
    Date: Sunday, August 24, 2003
    Depart: The Flying Swan Coffeehouse
    Address: 1724 W. 4th Ave
    Registation: 7:30am to 9:00am
    Depart from the Swan: 9:00 to 10:00am
    Return to Vancouver : 1:30am
    Ceremony and prizes at the Swan: between 4:00pm and 4:30pm
    Fee: $35.00 include Firefighter's t-shirt, decal, and refreshment and munchies.
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    somewhere around here
    hi ,I have told by a burnaby ff about this ride,
    me and my hubby will love to come,is it on 24 aug sunday.
    I think a lot of them is riding big lease I know 4 of them do
    anyway, keep us posted.thanks

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    I'l be there!!!!

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    I'm in!

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    Awwwwhh - do I have to go do this?????

    Well okay

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm firefighters.....

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    flying busa
    Guest'll be up front.

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    Originally posted by flying busa'll be up front.
    Woot Woot - YO!

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    I shotgun the cutest firefighing butt!!!

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    flying busa
    Girls..important update!!!
    There will be two firefighters truck with lots of cuties for photoshoots...I asked for it. Come in your Sunday best

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    Well since you put it that way I'll be there!!!!

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    Thanks Julia for putting your efforts into such a wonderful cause!!

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    flying busa
    Thanks're pretty awesome yourself
    Anyways girls here's the agenda

    registration between 7:00am and 9:00am
    We'll have coffee and muffins and stuff for people
    Head up to Whistler for lunch.
    Head back to Vancouver
    Arrive around 4:00pm for huge block party
    Fashion Show by Westbeach
    Skateboard show courtesy of Westbeach
    Music by DJ Paul
    Door prizes
    Motorcycle Exhibition
    They'll be food for participants inside the Swan.
    I'll be a good time.
    All the money will go to the Childrens Burn Camp
    So please book this day off and come join in this very important event. This is a charity event. All the money goes directly to the Childrens Burn Camp.
    I need all of you to come out and support the children and show the Vancouver Community that the motorcycle community cares.

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    When is the last day to sign up?? I am going away until next weekend. Is it too later to sign up then???

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    flying busa
    Guest's never too late for you. We'll get you when you get back into town. See you soon.

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    To big and to fast for you
    Originally posted by C-YA

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm firefighters.....
    Carefull Kim,
    You might have dreams bout being put out with a big hose

    Hey Julia, Any female fire fighters?

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