Suspicious dude in a white van
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Thread: Suspicious dude in a white van

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    Suspicious dude in a white van

    hello everyone, just wanted to share this with my fellow BCSB members. tonight as four of us were stopped at Gaglardi and Lougheed (2 gixxers, 2 600rr's), i was alerted by one of the riders in our group that a suspicous guy (white dude in his late 20's) in a white cube van had taken a picture (digital camera) of our bikes. the weird thing was that he was the first vehicle in the left turning lane but was a good 50-75 feet from the intersection; which leads me to believe that he was making a concerted effort to snap a pic of our plates. just so you know, with just the plate # of your bike and a crooked autoplan agent you can basically find out where someone lives, who the registered owner is, their date of birth, etc. so i'm pretty freaked out right now.

    i remember reading about a month or two ago another BCSB member had posted a similar experience. i tried doing a search but came up empty.

    unfortunately, we didn't get the plate of the van but i just wanted to draw all members' attention to this guy, especially since a cube van is probably the perfect vehicle roll your bike into and drive away with.

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    Wow, this dude sounds like me. I drive a white commercial van and keep a camera in my van. I take photos of various bikes. But its cause Im a total bike nut.

    Its not my fault though, I wanted to go to medical school but my folks wanted me to race bikes.
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