Anyone want to go to Oregan???
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Thread: Anyone want to go to Oregan???

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    Anyone want to go to Oregan???

    Me and a bunch of friends are going to Oregan this weekend. Friday morning to Tuesday evening. Two of my friends just bailed out so there is room for three more.

    There is 8 of us going now. A bunch of my life gaurd friends . We are all sharing motel rooms to save on cost. Tottal accomidation stay for the 4 nights will be around 100 bucks american and Share gas.

    I am the only one bringing my bike now and have room for one maybe two more on my trailer. I am going to ride some way and tow some of the way. Depending how nice the roads are.

    we will be making a few stops. Cannon beach, beaverton, seaside. Going to do some surfing, dune buggyig partying ect...

    I know this is short notice but i am disapointed that my riding buddy can't come and want to ride with someone. Pm me if you want more details or want to come.

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    ricer dude
    i would love to go. but i gotta work fri, sat. next time maybe.
    have a nice trip. good luck

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    Smile Hey..

    hey daf,

    I will be doing this ride Aug 22-28, so if you don't mind if you
    find good cheap places to stay can you let me know whereabouts
    you stayed.. Thanks-alot

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    where is stifler when u need him!

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