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Thread: section for great places for rides

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    section for great places for rides

    just a suggestion( if it's not already been asked, or if i just haven't found this info. on the site yet.)

    if there could be a section that showed newbies and other bikers the best places to go for a ride maybe with maps and pics?

    the veteran riders have probably a million places that they go to so why not share this information with the rest of us who want the thrill of the ride w/o all the traffic.

    maybe have a section for long rides, hard rides, windy roads,
    back roads etc.
    and ask the members of the site to rate the places and give pointers to people, give their input on how to take curves.
    to be careful of what curves or streets. maybe even rate the skill involved to ride these roads.

    i thought it might be a good suggestion for people who want to go for the rides posted but don't know how to get there.

    just my $.02

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    Buy, borrow, or steal a copy of the Destination Highways BC book. Call around to your local bike shops to see who has one in stock. Basically every good road in BC and lower mainland is detailed in there.

    If you are looking for city rides, it doesn't cover that. Your closest bit of twisty road is Keystone in Mission (on any map)

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    Here's a site I came across, hope It helps.
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