Don't taste dripping Motorcycle Fluids
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Thread: Don't taste dripping Motorcycle Fluids

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    Don't taste dripping Motorcycle Fluids

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    Actually i think the dog pee is likely better for you than fork oil, but i don't want to test that theory and whoever suggested the guy taste it is clearly his enemy. I wonder if it was the dogs owner?

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    Oh please. Mistake dog pee for hydraulic fluid? Chihuahua so tall it can pee on a fork leg?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squint View Post
    Oh please. Mistake dog pee for hydraulic fluid? Chihuahua so tall it can pee on a fork leg?
    this is exactly what i'm thinking.. i'm replacing fork seals, its only tell tale was slight film surrounding left fork tube, a bit dirty as well so the dust seals gotta go too...

    sure as fvck its not a bloody puddle dripping off the wheel... thats just absurd

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    april fools joke?
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    ^^ totally. A pretty good read for a chuckle but like my brothers friends cousins ex wife told me....... Don't believe everything you read on forums. ;-)

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    It sad that people have to be told not to taste random dripping fluids, sadder to think someone actually would. If it tastes like cinnamon, it's yer fork oil.. I mean come on.
    The fork seal I blew last year had fluid all over the brakes and wheel.. didn't need to taste it to determine the problem
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    I think that post should have been in TIFU on reddit.
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