Not a NEWB but I still F*@KED UP!!
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Thread: Not a NEWB but I still F*@KED UP!!

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    Not a NEWB but I still F*@KED UP!!

    Like the top says, I f*cked up. I've been ridin bikes for almost 10 years now and finally had a spill on my dream bike that I've had for 5 years. 98 ZX7R, green one....used to be a beauty...
    Well,'s f*cked now OK!!

    I'd like to bring it back to life again, but it's going to take some new or pretty much mint used parts to do so.

    Are there any shops that anyone knows of that I should be giving a call to? NOT shops that are going to over-charge me for parts. I'd like to trade in my old fairings for a reasonable amount of cash or credit on new ones, since some of these broken or rashed pieces could be fixed easily, but I'd like my bike to look sweet again, not bondo, ya know.

    Here's pretty much what I need:
    Upper and lower fairings, Yosh slip-on(or anything else good),
    a front rim, and maybe a front fender

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    Have you tried New Life Cycle? They are right in Williams Lake,and he`s a really good guy to deal with.
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    Haven't tried anywhere in town here cuz I know prices here suck, anything in this town is way too expensive. I was hoping on finding some shops down in Van somewhere, where there's more competitive pricing.

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    Burnaby Kawasaki has never let me down! I've on my 3rd ZX-7R in 10 years all from them, parts/service/gear. Give them a call and talk to Manny or Ron in parts and service department.

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    I've also heard good things about new life cycle. I'd hate to break it to you but there are very few people who will give you any credit (maybe $20/piece) for broken plastic for nice stuff. There's one guy I know of down here that will give you that kind of money for stuff he can fix and he sells you stuff you can get painted, not nice stock plastic. Try mspeed (604)294-3354. Theres also supersport in Langley but their rule is half of retail and the shit you listed is very expensive new.

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