polishing/buffing metal
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Thread: polishing/buffing metal

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    polishing/buffing metal

    whats the best way to buff out minor scratches out of an aluminum exhaust? (not like big ones from a drop)

    also, how would i get rid of surface rust out of something chrome plated?

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    You can polish the whole can. There's lots of threads on the subject so I won't type out the whole procedure. It's going to be very tough to blend it all together if you want to just take out the scratches. Unless you want to spend the time to polish the whole thing, I would leave it for the sake of not making it worse.

    Chrome doesn't rust. Either the surface damaged or the rust is coming from an exposed surface close to it. I don't know much about taking care of chrome, there should be products at any store with car products for getting it shiny again.

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    i mean, the chrome has been scratched, and so the metal underneath is starting to rust, and leaving rust stains on the surrounding chrome.

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    None right now...

    Solvol Autosol

    On Aluminum, I use a product called Autosol, made by a company called Solvol (not sure about that spelling). I found my last tube at Canadian Tire, for about $8 or $12, three years ago. Still using it.

    It's a white, fine abrasive paste that you wipe onto your aluminum, wait a minute or so, and start buffing like mad. Use a soft cotton cloth, and ignore the fact that it's becoming black as you buff. Just keep buffing, and it'll come up to a mirror finish.

    It leaves a fine coating on the surface that protects it from further oxidation (which is what causes the aluminum to dull in the first place, and the cloth to become black in the second).

    It works on chromed parts too, but usually I just wash those with warm, soapy water and they come up pretty shiny. If you polish over a spot where you have rust in a scratch on a chrome part, it'll polish out the rust, and leave the same protective coating. It's by no means a permanent solution, but it will slow down the rusting quite a bit.

    It's a lot of work if you polish by hand, but it makes for a nice looking bike...

    Hope this helps!

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    thats exactly what i was looking for. thanks

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    I'll second the vote for autosol, that shite is awesome. just apply elbow grease and it'll look awesome.

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    Autosol will also take minor scrathes out of plastic as well. If your windscreen is scratched at all autosol works there too. Also Rob, chrome can rust, only stainless will not rust.

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    I gotta tube of autosol kicking around, you think if i picked up a buffing wheel for the dremal, would make it shine more than the elbow grease?

    I finally waxed the bike, but the frame is in rough shape. I don't really need to see my reflection, just want it shinny
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    Autosol definitely is the shizzit. I use it all the time.
    For minor polishing, use Black Lightning.
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    I use power tools. Elbow grease sux. 4000 rpm of 6 inch fabric disc and jewellers rouge. Yay!

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