Do I have a jetkit on my bike?
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Thread: Do I have a jetkit on my bike?

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    Do I have a jetkit on my bike?

    Just wondering, bought hte bike last september. ('99 F4)

    Its got a Yosh stainless slipon (RS3), but i don't know if its got a jet kit or anyones mucked with the carbs.

    what should i look for?

    trying to figure out my bike!

    ps. ohh, just had to try that.

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    The only way to tell FOR SURE is to pull the carbs off and take them apart. Compare the bits and pieces to what's supposed to be stock for your bike.

    Any way of contacting the previous owner? Or does the bike have a history of going to a certain shop all its life?

    If you get pops and gurgles on deceleration or surging or strange power delivery when on the gas, you probably have the wrong jetting for your pipe.

    That being said, some slip-ons are very similar to the stock pipe in terms of performance and you can get away without re-jetting.

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