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    CBR 900 Experts : Spark Plugs

    Have a question for you 1997 CBR 900 Techie's out there. Trying to get to the spark plugs. The maintenance manual states that you just have to remove the left fairing to get at it. Put upon removal althought you can see the spark plug plugs there's no way you can put a spark plug wrench in at that angle to get the spark plugs out.

    Anyone know exactly how to get the spark plugs out and what I have to remove????

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    16mm deep socket, small extension, swivel attachment, long extension, ratchet. i can change them in about 4 minutes. go through the left mid fairing for 1-3 and through the right mid for 4. i use the 16 cuz on a zx-7 my 5/8's got stuck once and at work it doesn't look good tryin to fish out a socket for a few precious minutes.

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    cbr900 plugs can be got at thru the sides but its a tight squeeze. I always remove the tank, airbox, coils, rubber dam and plastic cover over the plugs (easier than it sounds). plus you can chk air filter at same time. plus if its time for a valve adjustment your 80% there.

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