FRS/Chatterbox/ or?
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Thread: FRS/Chatterbox/ or?

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    FRS/Chatterbox/ or?

    Just wondering what you guys/gals are using for communications while riding~

    Would like some info on the pros and cons of some so I can compare them... thanks y'all~

    Also, anyone using the 5 mile ranged walkies?

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    talkabout frs and the noise terminator headset.
    Works great. Make sure you get radio's with vox capability. and also ditch the single earbud and get some speakers for your lid and hook it up that way, thats what I did and it is sooo much clearer.

    If you want to know how just drop me a pm.
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    Do search for FRS* and you willl find that this topic has been extensivley studied here. I have recently purchased FRS radios and a PushToTalk MOTOCOMM headset.
    Works fine up until around 90 kph when I cant hear anything anymore out of my noisy helmet.

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    I`ve got a Motorola T6220/Clearcom headset combo.I haven`t used it yet.Maybe I`ll have to go riding with Big Bird .

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