The definitive ABS repair answer
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Thread: The definitive ABS repair answer

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    The definitive ABS repair answer

    The plastic on my bike is unobtainable in OEM form for anything like a reasonable price, and I'm not particularly concerned with visible cracks I just want to repair and prevent. There's one in particular over the R/R, it's been fixed several times and keeps breaking.

    Yes I've searched this, the problem is the range of answers.

    So the options are:
    -JB Weld
    -Crazy glue (cyanoacrylic?)
    -Acetone and ABS shavings

    The all-knowing internet says some are ok, some not, some not flexible enough, much contradictory information. So at the risk of getting more of the same, what's the final, long term, heat tolerant fix that you have done successfully?

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    You can forget about all those. This is my method; reinforce it and repair it like a fibreglass crack, first thing is to clamp it together so the surface is flush, use methyl chloride or liquid model cement, let it sit over night. Get yourself a small "kutsall' (available at Lee Valley) for a Dremel and hog it out on the back side (I finish it off with a small "cookie wheel"), 3/4" from ether side of the crack, fairing it out as you go. Go at least half way thru three quarters is best. Now you're going to lay up four layers of silk, you can probably use other fabrics but I found silk to be best, you can tuck it into tight corners and it is easy to move around. I mix up plumber's ABS cement and Xylene 50/50 - you can use straight ABS cement but the mixture gives you a longer working time. Now just lay it up like fibreglass-- 4 or 5 layers. Let it harden for 24 hours and sand it down (out comes the "cookie wheel" again.) It will never break again.
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    The above is a good repair...the best is if you know the type of plastic and use the specific adhesive for that...and use some of Mechannnniblizimsss tricks and techniques...
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    one major issue with ABS is cracking... i used a top of the line two compound mix cement which worked bloody flawless; right up till i rode the bike for 6 months... the plastic cracked half way through the fix...

    i definitely suggest you follow Mechannibalism's advice..
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