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Thread: Leaking???

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    its got 2 wheels


    Ok so I rode the bike for like 1 minute down the street to the cold beer and wine store. When I got off and talked to my bro i noticed that there was some liquid near the front tire, i looked and it was running down the inside of the fender, this is wierd. I may have just gone throw a puddle I couldnt remeber, I have never seen this before on the bike.

    Anyways anyone know what this could be if anything.

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    fork seal leaking probably.maybe brake fluid but that would mean a loss of brake performance quickly.

    check the stanchion tubes(chrome part)of both forks to see if there's any reisue on em.

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    The first thing you do in a situation like this is..... touch it with your finger and test for what it is. Brake fluid, fork oil, engine oil, etc is slippery. Anti freeze smells like.... well, anti freeze. Mud puddle water isn't and doesn't.

    So, what is it?
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