drilling out baffels
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Thread: drilling out baffels

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    drilling out baffels

    How do you do it? Any place on the net for pictures and a " how too?"
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    I drilled out the baffles on my 1200 Bandit.....sounded just like I drilled out the baffles......I welded it back up and rode it till I got a slip on
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    Yep, 9 times out of 10 drilling out a stocker gives you noise and no power increase. In fact it may even hurt it. And to add insult to injury most of the ones I've heard sound like a cow passing gas after the modification.

    But if you really insist one method I've heard is to get a 3 foot piece of 5/8 steel rod and sharpen one end to a nail like point and then just push it in and hit it with a hammer until it punctures the last wall. Pull it back, angle it over a little and do it again a few times until you're happy.

    Just ignore the screams of pain from your bike as this is done...

    Actually you should at least take off the muffler to do this.
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    I used a 2" hole saw with an extension it sounds great!...LOUD!

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