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    Check out this guy's stash

    This may have been posted before but there are some unbeliveable movies on here. Some of the stuff the riders do just boggles my mind. No concern for personal safety, but incredibly fun to watch.

    If you don't feel like watching them all, just get ghosttrailer and the turbobusa.
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    i thought you meant mustache!

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    I thought he meant dope.
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    That fella in the "ghost rider" one, clearly has a death wish.
    270 in a lane split, or on a blind pass wtf?

    At least they've got decent highways in europe....yet another thing we don't receive from our taxes

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    That's odd... those Ghostrider trailers never made it around to these parts a few months ago? I saw them back then when they were posted on RevScene... I'm surprised they weren't posted here.

    Supposedly he had never been caught either. Somethin' like the laws over where he is in Europe stipulates that he actually has to be caught in the act... can't go to his house to get him after the fact.

    He has like three bikes... two motorcycles and one BMX, all completely black... and sometimes when police have come around his place, he rides out on his BMX.

    Whoa, looks like he has a second video coming out...

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    The Ghostrider trailers were posted here a while back.

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    Ummm let me seee OMFG
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