Where to get sheet metal?
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Thread: Where to get sheet metal?

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    Where to get sheet metal?

    I want to get some stainless sheet metal to make a licence plate bracket. Home depot didn't have any stainless. Are there scrap metal type places close to downtown? Preferably one that's open on a Saturday too. I'm tired of the enormous fender on my bike, but I'd rather start from scratch than take the hacksaw to what I've got.

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    ABC Salvage on No3 and Bridgeport in Richmond. Open on Saturday mornings from roughly 9 to noon or 1. Phone them first to check. If they don't have stainless they WILL have aluminium. For what you want find some .090 or so thick stuff with a low "T" heat treating number attached. Either T0 or T2 at most. Higher numbers will rip when you try to bend them unless you know about using the right radius. Don't get T6 under any circumstances for this reason.

    Rustan metals down in the industrial area near Prior and Clark. Once again a call will get you their hours. Rustan specializes is short orders for smaller shops and, happily, amateurs like us. New prices though. No scrap.
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    TEE TEE is right

    thats a damn good place to get metal from
    since im in the machine shop industrie...theres many places to get it and that place has all sorts of scrap kickin around

    how big of a piece do you need???????/

    i m making a rear tail modification section out of TITANIUM for my 03 636 ninja
    and its gonna look fukin dope.
    any how......if its a small piece i may????? me able to hook ya up with a piece of titanium
    shhhhh.. though
    dont tell anyone i said that
    cheers bud

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    Scott Road Trading in surrey, just in beginning of King George highway if you're heading into surrey coming from putallo bridge. on the left side. stay in left lane coming off the bridge and take a left at the first set of lights and then take a right right away.
    the place is a big scrap yard, so everething is plentifull and dirt cheap.

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